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1)          He is the first Indian to be selected as the President of Pugwash Conference              on Science & World Affairs?

             a)          Dr. P J Kurien

             b)          Dr. Hargobind Khorana

             c)          Dr. M S Swaminathan

             d)          Dr A P J Abdul Kalam


2)          He/she was India’s longest serving Prime Minister:

             a)          Indira Gandhi

             b)          Jawaharlal Nehru

             c)          V P Singh

             d)          L B Shahtri


3)          Regnar Frisch & Jan Tinbergen were the first recepients of this award for  their contribution to the field of economics in 1969. Which award is this that the Swedish National Bank finances?

             a)          Nobel Prize

             b)          UN Peace Prize

             c)          Oscars

             d)          National Award (India)


4)          First Scientist to win Nobel Prize twice?

             a)          Regnar Frisch

             b)          Alfred Einstien

             c)          Madam Marrie Currie

             d)          Sir Isaac Newton


5)          Head Quarters of Tata Group is called?

             a)          Bombay House

             b)          Tata House

             c)          J D House

             d)          None of these


6)          First Minister for Disinvestment was?

             a)          L K Advani

             b)          Manmohan Singh

             c)          Arun Jaitley

             d)          P Chidambaram


7)          World Bank came into existence in?

             a)          July 1944

             b)          July 1954

             c)          August 1950

             d)          January 1951


8)          This company name means “3 Oceans”:

             a)          Sanyo

             b)          Sony

             c)          Toshiba

             d)          Motorola



1.          c

2.          b

3.          a

4.          c

5.          a

6.          c

7.          a

8.          a