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Love & Like Thyself……….



Neera Saxena

J.K. Institute, MCA Student


“A life making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent in doing nothing”

                                                                  - George Bernard Shaw

The most successful people did their richest theories & act being happy at the soul. The most prominent ideas ever given spelled out in a happening being & with cheered spirit.

It’s necessary to be happy by the end of everything, to be successful & to live success. When we are unhappy, especially at the times of the extreme trauma, the spirit cracks; even fracture into tiny pieces. In order to put them together, we need to start fitting piece to piece. No one in the world, but you yourself can make yourself happy.

The conditions you like, makes you happy, the food you like makes you happy. The brain sees this & soon you feel better, you began liking yourself. Silver Jade, the great philosopher say that, “when you like yourself, you go beyond the barriers of loneliness.”

When you don’t like yourself, you feel yourself lonely & develop several unhealthy feelings & complexes. Ask yourself why I don’t like myself. The answer will come “because you brood over your weakness; you emphasize your bad points. The remedy is to do otherwise. In order to love & like yourself, you need to emphasize on your good points. But what about bad points, which make you unhappy?.I repeat what wise men have suggested: divide the points you consider as bad or unfortunate into two groups- the group of bad points that you can change & that you cannot.

The points you can change require time & patience to evolve. And the points that you cannot change, well for those, accept it happily. Once you accept it, the point is eliminated from the list of bad points in you. And after all “what cannot be cured must be endured “as the saying goes. In the case you make your spirit shine thought your emotions & thoughts, you will feel like a different person. As the perception of judgment of good & bad that we opt is very crude, we should not stick to it. We are mere human being & being so we have limited wisdom to evaluate things.

You should feel proud to be the most beautiful & intelligent creature of the Almighty, with limitless possibilities to evolve yourself. You are an integral part of Him, & by underestimating yourself you are dishonoring the God itself.

Trust yourself, like yourself. You have to be happy for yourself. Enjoy discovering your inner beauty. You are an individual & as every person has different virtues you have yours. It’s not just to hang on with down soul to the attributes you don’t have. Be kind & gentle to yourself. Give yourself time to evolve. At the end, you surely will be able to possess all what you long for. Yes … whatever it is..!!!

Start loving & liking yourself from this very moment. You are the part of the Divine. There is some purpose that you have sent to this earth. And that purpose needs to be fulfilled with all your heart & soul.