From the Editors desk

          "Lives of great men all remind us, we can make our lives sublime, and, departing, leave behind us, footprints on the sands of time", a saying so thoughtful of how each one of us is capable enough to make a mark and give meaning to life. With this thought in mind this issue of B'Cognizance bids 2010 a goodbye and welcomes with open alms the New Year, with new zeal to work and make this life beautiful and worth living.

          So we begin this year paying out heartiest gratitude to those whose persona is always an epitome for us to work and progress. Our department head Dr. Anurika Vaish has been our torch bearer in all accomplishment of ours. Also our coordinator Dr. Pratika Mishra has been with all of us, in making this effort worth recognizable.

          The year ended seeing another milestone in the history of Indian Institute of Information Technology, being the unanimous organizer of National Science Conclave in Asia. A conglomeration of Nobel Laureates and great personalities round the world to inspire students at large was at this stage to bring innovation in field of Sciences. India celebrates the 62th Republic day, standing tall and proud to be the one of the fastest growing economies of the world. The same feeling dwelling in every Indian heart that celebrated this republic day, and the institutes honorable director Dr. M D Tiwari spoke about how the youth can be the new face of the envisioned developed nation.

          Cyber world and its intricacies have been brought to picture in E-SECURE section which questions about a bloodless war. The INSIGHT takes us to an urge of breaking the 'Silence' and being 'Vigilant'. Social Networking and all its circumventing issues have found its place in this issue's Voltface section. India's fading corporate image and RBI's game with rates and lots more interesting issues have been taken up this time.

          And to regard all those have been a part of this initiative, and have helped to join the tit bits and shape this edition of B'Cognizance, all the members, cheers!! Hope the spirit flows down the legacy.

          Happy Reading !!!