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From the Editors' Desk

We are ready with the winter issue of B’cognizance with new thoughts and more imaginative ideas, Effervescence MMX, our annual fest has ended, fun time over and everyone has become serious for studies and placements. As time passes on, the cooperation, friendliness and the bond between the senior junior relationships is getting stronger which is ultimately helping our team to bring out the next issues with less effort.

First of all, we would like to thank our divisional head, Dr. Anurika Vaish for her continuous guidance and support. Also, our sincere thanks to the magazine chief coordinator, Dr. Pratika Mishra for her support and assistance at every moment and helping throughout with her immense knowledge and analytical capabilities.

The sincere efforts from the team have been received because of which this time we are able to bring articles with more innovative and creative ideas. This issue has the glimpse of Effervescence MMX along with the Add mad show. The issue contains the article on Journalism by Ms. Mamta Swaroop Sharan, Manager at Technical Solutions along with an article on IP War among Smartphone Players by Mr. Abhishek Saxena working with HTC Corporation, Taiwan. There are many more articles on some interesting issues such as Chinese Economy, use of UML in studying the product life cycle, Currency’s Contention: Lose Value to Win and many more.

All the authors have worked hard for bringing the issue and had worked in complete unity and cooperation with each other. We have received certain feedbacks for our magazine and have tried to improvise it on certain areas, we also look forward for more suggestions and feedbacks from our readers, feel free to write us at: bcognizance@iiita.ac.in.

Last but not the least; we would like to thank all the students of MBA and MSCLIS, the faculty members and the supporting staff for their efforts.

Enjoy reading!!!!

The Editors

Beenu Suri
Prince Agarwal
Shivi Tyagi