Aadukalam-A "battlefield" not a playground

A 3 years wait has come to an end to just start a new expectation and this new-born high voltage expectation can be quenched only by Director Vetrimaran. Ever since I started watching Tamil cinema, this is probably the first time I’ve felt an international quality which might even be an incisive path breaker for d stereo types. This specific film will be a lesson to the existing moronic directors and an inspiring instigation to the budding aspirants.

Aadukalam unfolds wit the history of rooster fight all over the globe and needless to mention, the hysterical madness in the  south-Indians who have developed a strong pride in perpetuating the event, although it’d been outlawed long back. The gripping screenplay starts off like a bolt from the blue with a blood smeared Dhanush holding a dagger and putting up a rusty look, unflinching enough to retreat a battalion. Parallely shown is the female lead with a slit on her wrist and agony on her face. Then the screen is brought down and ringed up to show the different characters of the movie. Two bullheaded groups and their constant outbreak f egotism over rooster fights forms d First half. One gang is headed by a primitive minded cop who tries his possible sleight f hand at whatever he does which goes in vain. Another headed by Pettaikaran(one who tames cock),an old, wise, overbold and sagacious man adorning an unusually big moustache  with whom Karupu(Dhanush) and Kishore, a purely motivated, rich spoilt liquor shop owner are closely associated. They both have tremendous reverence for Pettaikaran. Karupu, the protagonist, is a foolhardy, brash, super confident teenager who has a trenchant passion for the blood sport. There is a cute, unadulterated love tale that blossoms amidst all this. The First half culminates in d grand tournament in the wake of the conflict between the Gang leaders who place their honor and respect as stipulation on the betting table. In this battle, there comes a situation where pettaikaran team needs an agile rooster and when dhanush Vouches for his abandoned rooster, Every1 laughs at him. On insisting to let his cock fight ires his Mentor Pettiakaran who considers this an insult cause he obstinately believes his judgment on cocks will never go wrong. Having been turned down, dhanush sans his mentor’s consent takes part in d event an much to his shock, karupu’s rooster triumphs killing 3 cocks in a row. This victory invariably embroils dhanush wit his mentor and makes Pettaikaran think that he’s been outwitted plus his experience proved wrong and eventually he becomes resentful of Dhanush thereof begins the real plot. The racy second half strictly deals with the crux of the film which turns out to be the cold war among and within d pettaikaran’s team. The unexpected twist entwined in the plot will blow anyones mind. One has to go and experience it. The novel, not-much-flashy climax can create an intense hard-hitting impact that will impinge a stringing effect and instant lump in one’s head and throat.

The element of rawness is not compromised anywhere in the movie. Cinematography deserves accolades, the camera angle gives a new dimension to storytelling. The main Downside being the CG used in d rooster fight which made it look artificial. Strong story and an impeccable screenplay that compliments each other. Foot tapping songs and extraordinary background score by G.V.Prakash. Brilliant performances from all the actors enhance the compelling story-telling of director. Immaculate direction, over the top detailing that provided nuances to each and every character. The director’s unique style of film making accentuated his presence more on screen than the characters he essayed. The entire crew has to thank the cinematographer for manifesting the idea on the celluloid in a classic manner.

There were times where good looking handsome heroes could only foray into films. Despite the preconceived barrier, the only actor in tamil Film Industry who has defied this conventional formula and successfully pulled off many versatile roles is Dhanush. Be it emotions, stunts, dance, he has set a prototype for himself and many. As far as aadukalam is concerned, yet again he’s perfected the role, infallible acting and the naturality with which he’d portrayed can make anyone understand the character well.

Bottom line:
Nonetheless, a stunning masterpiece that will keep u engrossed throughout. Vetrimaran has certainly elevated Indian cinema to the international level and enrolled himself in the elite directors list.

Note : I wrote this  review after watching the movie on first day. Later on it bagged 5 national awards including best actor, best original script, best film,, so on

Saravanan Balakrishnan
Software Engineer(HCL Technologies)