Emergence of Astrology


M.TECH (IS), IIIT Alahabad

Astrology has been a mainstay in India since ages. Millions of people in India and around the world are believers of this wonderful science. No wonder its implications are cashed around the world .With people all over the world pouring in, astrology has a huge market potential which needs to be trapped. The market has been growing and now it's high time for professionalism to dwell in to this amazing field. The coming of computers and information technology (IT) has been a wonderful evolution which has made astrologers more secure and reliable. This collaboration between astrologers and IT professional has indeed made astrology more people based and easily available. This is a new dawn for India as the revival and renaissance of Vedic Astrology will not only make our country proud but also make the lives of millions of people around this world, happy and prosperous.

The deadly combination of horoscope reading, palmistry, numerology and Vaastu will revolutionize the world. Not only money wise but scholarly wise these things are going to give us immense satisfaction. Planets influence the life of a man. The different planets situated in each house of a man's horoscope have deep impact on his life-his success and failures. The seemingly harmless lines on your palms conceal your past, present and future incidents in them. Numerology is an ancient Indian discipline, the predictions based on which have always proved cent-percent accurate. Use of numbers is seen virtually in all walks of life. Two eyes, three tenses, three deities, three worlds, tenth worlds, tenth date, eighth month, one pair or two shoes are a few examples where we can see significant use of numbers. The science of making predictions on the basis of the numbers therefore is known as Numerology. The importance of Vaastu has at last been realized throughout the world. Not only the directional position of your house but also the position of your bed, the entrance of the house should have a bearing on man-his moods and even his destiny. Gems and stones have deep impact on our lives. Specific gems have direct relations with specific planets. Your horoscope shows as to which planet is having what type of effect on you.

There are twelve houses and each house has a name and a specific meaning.

The planets traveling in twelve zodiac signs have affect on the following:

The Sun has effect on - Soul.

The Moon has effects on - Mind

The Mars has effects on - Patience

The Mercury has effects on - Voice

The Jupiter has effects on - Reasoning

The Venus has effect on - Sperms

The Saturn has effect on - Sensitivity

Today, even the scientific community accepts the fact that the construction of an atom is similar to the solar system. Just as the planets revolve around the Sun in their respective orbits, in the same way, the electrons revolve around the nucleus of the atom. An atom is so small that it cannot be seen with the help of the naked eye. Our body is made up of matter, which itself is made up of atoms. The law governing the movement of the planets around the Sun and the electrons moving around the nucleus of the atom is same.

The planets and stars not only have effect on human beings but also on the non-living things. The effects which Moon and Sun have on the oceans cause high tides and low tides. Even modern science accepts that the 71% of the surface of the earth is covered with water and only 29% is land. Even our bodies and those of all the living beings constitute the same proportion i.e. 71% in water. So, if the Moon can cause tides on a non-living like the ocean, it can definitely affect a man who is a living being with a conscious mind.

The forecasts are based on the planets position. One of the many mysteries of Indian Astrology is that it does not have any good or evil effects but merely gives us prior information about the events that will occur.

Therefore, the chief objective and usefulness of Astrology is to make prior presumptions of the incidents by studying the nature and qualities of the planets. In this way, we can be alert well in advance and can even transform our sorrow into joy. Now the computer with their fast processing power and a world of computing algorithms can work wonders.

In Indian Astrology, both the Sun and the Moon have been given prominence. The factor affecting the Atman (Soul) is the Sun and the factor affecting the 'Mana' (Mind) is the Moon.

The use of computer in generating charts pertaining to Vedic astrology has indeed make us proud. The smallest and accurate calculations concerning the planets have well in advance given us the choice of inevitability. This is the moot point on which a large amount of investment can be made. And I am sure the returns are as huge as you can expect. Common Indian folk believes this science and more often than not start their day on the basis of this astrology. If we can make this astrology, a common household item we can readily expect huge market returns in terms of money. And moreover we will be educating the Indians and the world about the good effects of astrology.

The use of laptops and desktop computers in making horoscopes with precision has already been a huge success. Even though there are discrepancies in the chart generation we can expect it to be marginal. In a nation of hundred million people even if reach out to half the masses we will become champions of astrological culture. The culmination of Vaastu and information technology in designing the houses will not only make families happy but also be providing employment opportunities to thousands of people. And we will be marching on the road to success.