Welcome to the world of gadget and the gizmos!
Being the first issue of the year here is the list of most exciting and awaited gadgets of the year 2009.

But before that a quick review of the top pick of 2008 voted by gizmo freaks all over the world:


Flip Mino:-                                                          

 Like the iPod and the BlackBerry before it, the Flip Mino exploded into the mainstream, quickly becoming the most popular video camera in the country in its first year.
























It stores up to an hour of video clips on its internal drive, meaning you don't have to buy videotapes or memory cards, or even batteries (you charge it through your PC). The Flip is super simple to use: Press the big red button to start and stop recording. Then pop out the camera's USB connector, plug it directly into your computer and e-mail your videos or upload them to YouTube. You can personalize the Flip's external design for no extra charge. Well, a super cool mobile for its super cool users.Go ahead buy it and let your friends feel jealous……
Price: $179.99
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And now here is the list of 3 most exciting gadgets and inventions to look out for in 2009.

1. Custom Dell Notebooks                        

 - If you’re into personal customization then you’ll love the custom Dell Notebooks. You can either choose from the huge range of funky designs they already have or create your own online. Oil, Watercolor, Photography. You name it – and you’ll get it -a blend of fine art and quality technique when you see it. Think about it like a tattoo for your computer – it’s an impression in people’s minds! The vivid colors and photo-realism make the art come alive. Each image is permanently infused into the laptop display’s back, making it extremely durable.










                                       The look and feel engages – it becomes part of you…Now that’s self-expression with a technology twist. What more can I say, can’t wait to lay my hands on it. A laptop reflecting my personality. Simply great.

 Arriving in 2009 one can be yours for $689.

Link: -

2. Sony Rolly –                     

 The Sony Rolly is an MP3 playing robot that dances to the music you play. It comes with software so you can even create your own motions. Rolly™ is a new dimension in MP3 players that brings you closer to your favorite music. Shake it and twist it to choose your tracks. Watch it respond to the beat with funky moves and crazy light shows. And when darkness falls, be prepared for an even more spectacular performance. Rolly™ can analyze all the music it plays and create motion sequences to match, but it’s even more fun to design your own routines for it using our bundled software. You can share the results with your friends online.

So what are you waiting for? Go, get it and be ready to groove to the music.

Price:- £239










3. Internet Explorer 8:-

Windows Internet Explorer 8 (commonly abbreviated IE8) is the next version of Microsoft's Windows Internet Explorer web browser, succeeding Internet Explorer 7

On August 27, 2008, Microsoft made IE8 Beta 2 generally available.[1] PC World noted various Beta 2 features such as In Private mode, tab isolation and color coding, and improved standards and compatibility compared to Internet Explorer 7

So, what makes IE 8 special? - Loads of new features - Features that many users would like to have in IE which are listed below:-
Web Slices

Improved Search Bar

Tab grouping

Preserve Favorites Websites Data

Automatic crash recovery

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Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 running in Windows Vista.




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Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 running in Windows Vista. 

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8.0.6001.18372 (RC 1) 26 January 2009; 6 days ago
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