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1. Which of the following would you associate with Harry Markovitz?

                        A. Theory of Competitive Advantage

                        B. Modern Portfolio Theory

                        C. Product Life Cycle Concept

                        D. Theory of Survival of the Fittest


2.  He is the honorary economic advisor tothe Prime minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh. He is?

A. Dilip Sanghvi.

B. Anil Manibhai Naik.

C.  Manish Kejriwal.

D. Raghuram Rajan.


3. Bill Smith of Motorola is credited with the development of?

A. first ever Bluetooth device

B. The Six Sigma Quality Control System

C. World’s thinnest mobile phone.

D. None of the above.


4. This Japanese company’s name means “Sunrise”.

A. Sanyo

B. Toyota

C. Hitachi

D. Daewoo


5. Topper of the list of Fortune 100 Best companies to work for:

A. Netapp.

B. Google.

C. Cisco.

D. Wegmans.


6. Steve Jobs (of Apple), Rupert Murdoch (of NewsCorp) and Lloyd Blankfein (of          Goldman Sachs) were at the top of this Fortune list in 2007?

A. Top Value Creators

B. Top Innovators

C. Top Revolutionary Business Leaders

D. Top 25 Business Heads


7. Who among the following is not a member of the newly constituted  Satyam  board?

A. Kiran Karnik.

B. C Achutan.

C. K V Kamath.

D. Deepak Parekh.


8. The Greek version of this word means “the art of general”. What is it that I am talking of?

A. Economics

B. Management

C. Strategy

D. Policy


9. What is Malcolm Glazer, an American businessman’s most famous

ownership in UK?

A. Harrod’s Store.

B. British Tobacco Company.

C. Manchester United Football Club.

D. Vodafone.


10. This Olympics medallist is the latest endorser for Bajaj Allianz

A. Mahesh Bhupati

B. Karnam Maleshwari

C. Vijender Kumar

D. None of these



1.   B

2.   D

3.   B

4.   C

5.   A

6.   D

7.   C

8.   C

9.   C

10.  C