1.  Who was the managing director and CEO of Petronet LNG company ?


M K Aghnihotri
A K Balyan
R K Gupta
Avinash Kumar

2. Who is the president and Managing Partner of L capital ?

Ian Zack
Monte Burke
Daniel Piette
Robert Sherwood

3.   How much investment JBM in our country?

300 cr
200 cr
500 cr
900 cr

4.   What is the full form of NCD (related to Share Market)?

Non –convertible debenture
National consumer Durables
National council on disability
National Coverage Determination


5. Recently Accenture has become a partner of Which University?

Centurion University
University of Alberta
University of Lethbridge


6. How many stock exchange in India ?



7. Which company’s ad line was ‘geography is History’?

Sun Microsystem


8.“The Brighter Side of Life” is the ad line of which of these companies/groups?

AV Birla Group
Hinduja Group
Tata Group
Reliance Group


9. Which Indian biscuit brand is the single largest selling biscuit in the world segment?

Parle G
Good Day
Priya Gold



10. Which ad agency manages the career of cricket star Yuvraj Singh ?

Percept D’Mark
Greg Harris
G Sports
Rehmani sports


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