Nine Planets Revisited (An astrologer point of view)

Gaurav Tripathi, M.Tech(IS), IIIT Allahabad

Well I am talking about the most talk about planets in Indian Astrology who are responsible for creating a majority of breakups in any relationships. Rahu and Ketu have actually little to do with the other planets normal systems as they are outcases, rakshashas. They are one, but two parts on one being, an anti-godly power being, a power demon originally. The solar System consists of the Sun and other planets, which revolve around it. In total there are nine planets, which are generally considered for astronomical purposes. Sun is actually a star and has light of its own. All other planets get its light from the Sun. The planets forming part of the Solar System are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Some planets have their natural satellites, which revolves around it. In our case Moon is our satellite and it is the closest heavenly body from earth. Therefore, its influence on human beings is quite significant .There are many other planets which are far away and their gravitational pull does not effect us, therefore we just avoid them in Vedic astrology. If we talk of Vedic astrology we exclude planets like Uranus, Neptune and Pluto and include two Chaya Grah (Shadowy Planets) namely Rahu and Ketu. Our Rahu and Ketu give the same effect. The reason why these planets have been excluded was because these planets stay in one Rashi (Sign) for a very long time. Sometimes, for decades and further these planets are very far away from earth. Therefore, their influences can hardly be considered. Further, in the absence of classical backing it won't be wise to consider them. In astrology we consider both sun and Moon as planets and all our observations are based on Geo Centric Observations considering the earth as the center of the universe.

The planets we do use, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu , have colors they rule, as well as notes, sounds, metals, elements, and more. You see, the wavelengths of the planets, again, because they are the biggest and significant objects in the Universe and are affecting our world entirely, are to be found in all things. Let's start one by one-


Astrological Significance:

There are great qualities of this planet. They are-:

a) Soul b) Power or Strength c) Worship of Shiva d) Trees having thorns e) Favor of the king or the Ruler f) Father g) Awakening of knowledge or enlightenment h) Bones I) Eye j) Bile k) Feverish or inflammatory complaints l) Body m) Timber n) Ornaments o) Ruler ship over eastern direction p) Copper q) Ruby r) East s) Face

In any horoscope the planets have various powers that is their strength is being derived from wherever it resides in horoscope. If sun is strong the native rises to immaculate heights and is a renowned person and if otherwise the native suffers .But if sun is debilitated like in Libra (this one is present in AIshwarys's and Sharukh Khan's horoscopes) one is bound to get name and fame. So you see this planet is by far the most powerful planet forming Raj Yoga.

Other Astrological Considerations:

Sun rules over the Leo sign and is deeply exalted at 10 degrees Aries and is powerless or deeply debilitated at 10 degrees Libra. Its Mooltrikona rashi (strongest) is in Leo from (0 20 degrees). It is powerful at day and has a royal status among the planets, the complexion is blood red, and Presiding deity is Agni. It is a male planet and is of Kshatriya Varna, which represents men in power or the warrior class. Sun is a predominantly Sattawik planet. It represents pungent taste.

The Sun owns the Sign of Leo. Leo is therefore invested with the powers of the Sun. Since the King, or the Sun, is independent, makes the laws, and is therefore in many ways above the law, we find independence and leadership qualities of Leo. Planets placed in Leo take on this nature- that of independence and leadership or force of will. The way of a Lion, the symbol of Leo, is that of "either dominate it, or walk away". A lion either dominates something, or walks away. Lion's do not surrender to anything; therefore they are "the king of the jungle".

Sun has honey colored eyes, square body; he is of clean habits, is bilious, intelligent and manly and has limited hair on his head. Sun is friendly to Moon, Mars and Jupiter and inimical to Venus and Saturn. It is neutral to Mercury. Sun represents one Ayana. The period when Sun enters Capricorn to the period when Sun leaves Gemini Rashi the period is known as Uttarayana. When Sun enters Cancer to the period when it leaves Sagittarius the period is known as Dakshinayana. Sun is considered stronger in the southern direction.

In Jyotish the Sun rules central things, powerful things, things which have force of character, things which are essential or pivotal, as well as overbearing things, and things which can burn and dominate. The Sun may be called a Malefic by Vedic Sages, but most Westerners would call it a great benefic because Westerners by background are aggressive, and supportive of a strong ego in the individual. So keep in mind the Sun is considered a malefic mostly for reasons which are not understood, nor attractive to, the Western mind prior to it's infusion with Vedic Style Spiritual Philosophy