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The summer night is like a perfection of thought. -Wallace Stevens

Another sun is about to set with loads of memory of the whole day. But every end has a new beginning inside it. We feel the same. As this issue of the B-Cognizance floats among all of you, our tenure with this Magazine would be over and the charge would be in other competent hands. We would like to wish them with a great luck ahead.

Our current issue is again having a wide variety of variant flavors in it. Our business section “biz wiz” is having discussions like shift in the Chinese economy; value of an instagram and with a new budget arrival this year assumption of all possible economic circumstances.

Knowledge is best protection. Hence our “I-secure” section is updating your knowledge with all current security threats. As well as, they are providing u methods to access unprotected web cams and to fight against cybercrime.

“Tec hive” is exclusively for our tech savvy friends with an update of latest electronic gadgets.

“Vibes” is ready to vibrate all thoughts deep down in your mind to conclude the difference between wrong and right .It is ground for battle of thoughts.

At last but not least our exclusive hindi section “udhav” is coming with sensual poems to awake your emotions. All is well if end is well. With this it is time to say Goodbye .

Enjoy Reading!!

Akanksha Singh
Ankur Luthra

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