In the deathly dark world of silence,
Foolishly enduring the atrocities of violence,
light a candle of revolting voice,
don’t bother about its illuminating power,
just cease,give a call to thy brother,
if neglected,don’t turn to him ever,
just don’t let your candle go off so cover,
cover it with the rigid assurance,
as triumph always travels with patience.
If his voice is stagnant in swamp of fear,
don’t let your hope tear.

Shout out loud let your voice be a tremor,
tremor to the silence and to the fears.

If still adamant darkness of silence prevails,
if still the roaring clouds disturb your sail,
hold on your candle and lead on the path of thorns.
Lead on with bleeding feet, don’t let your heart mourn.
Ah !thy brother, will never bother.

If he still sleeps in this ruining weather,
Don’t let your vision sway,
don’t lead yourself into dismay.
Light the eternal fire of your powerful soul.

Then the dawn of justice will awake,
To evacuate this sin filled lake.

Apurva Srivastava
M.Tech Bio-Medical
IIIT Allahabad