The other night, one thought did not let me sleep,
Where did the old dreams go? Those dreams which were once mine to keep.

I searched high and low in the shelves of my memory,
For those dreams that I once had, those moments, some sweet, some savory.

Some flickering scenes came to mind, about how much I wanted to fly,
Wearing a cape, like a superman, and those days when I did try.

Those wishes to become a doctor one day, an astronaut the other, and engineer the next,
Those days of being a chef or a lawyer, or those days teaching the chairs n tables a text.

Those happy dreams of getting a toy-car, or dreaming about the star,
Having no worries altogether, And never having to care.

Those dearest dreams that I had once, are now buried deep, under the sand of time,
Lost in the race of growing up, those poems are now replaced by meaningless rhymes.

And so that night, I figured out, those crazy old dreams do not put me in shame,
Because even though they did not come true, I am so glad that I had them.

Ananya Banerjee
University of Calcutta – Department of Law