Micromax – Nothing like Anything

In recent years Micromax emerged as a big name in our market, as a matter of fact it is the largest mobile phone company of India. But if we go to its past, we come to know that it’s birth took place as a software company working on embedded platform and this is the reason for their website still named as micromaxinfo.com , which started in the year 2000 by group of four friends. Micromax entered mobile phone market in the year 2008 capable of only 0.59% of market share till the end of the year and which rose to 6.24% till the end of 2010.

Affordable: Before entry of Micromax into the mobile phone market, the cheap market was dominated by Chinese phones having drawbacks like IMEI number missing in handsets, low build quality, stagnant performance and high radiation levels, and on the other hand branded handsets were priced high which were difficult to grasp in the hands of majority of masses. But with the advent of Micromax in market, there arose some form of standardization in this market and that too handsets come with warranty and guarantee.

Transformation: Micromax centered on low cost handsets which also brought some new Ideas among phones which we didn’t saw earlier or were rare. Some of the examples of Innovative features are: -
• Universal remote control phone which were compatible with AC, TV and DVD players remote.
• Bling which was a women centric phone.
• Van Gogh X450 having detachable Bluetooth device.
• Gesture control phone.
• ModuT was the lightest touch screen phone which holds records in the world for the same.
• Micromax Canvas Turbo having object erase app for camera, which is first in Indian market.

Bold Decision: Decisions taken by Micromax can be considered as aggressive and quick, as it appears from
their strategic method they adopted. One of the best examples would be of Canvas A116 HD which saw
straight fight with Samsung Galaxy Grand thus, competing with Samsung.

Service : In today’s market scenario , Micromax do took quite a good figure in market share and offers great line of handsets and products but still some areas of it had to see their attention i.e., Customer Service . It still lacks with giant players like Samsung and Nokia. Satisfaction of customers service is yet to be achieved and it requires utmost focus but same is true also that nothing can be achieved in one day, it still a new player in market which gradually will develop its activities and enhance Customer Service.

Rohit Kumar Rao
IIIT Allahabad