When the name Hospital appears, we generally think it is all related to patient and patient health which is obvious to come every one’s mind.
But when I think how hospitals would be in future, then I see some possibility of improvement in existing system, which could be:-
• Harness the power of innovation and technology to enhance access.
• Reduction of cost.
• Improve health outcome and Patient care.
These are going to be the basic requirements in the hospital of tomorrow. But there is a big question that what are the initiative procedures a hospital should take to achieve these relevant improvements?
Giving the priority to collaboration and consumer engagement:
Collaboration plays a vital role in growth of any organization. Now a day, hospitals are taking initiative in:
• Entering in the field of insurance companies
• Making partners with pharmacy chains
• Community based prevention programs are instituted
• And Experimenting with Bundled Payments.
To drive this shift there is three important factors works:
1. Disruption in the Health Market (Budget Pressure, New Payment Models etc).
2. The Emergence of an Engaged Consumers.
3. Technology Innovation in the Area of Mobility, Cloud, Social and Data.

These factors are responsible to introduce new business models that are in way of designing or somewhat may be designed to provide more cost effective care through collaboration and care coordination and also include patient engagement and communities, drug manufacturers, community health providers, hospitals to achieve their desired need.

For instance, before this year 2013, New York Presbyterian Hospital set in to enhance in-patient experience and engagement by providing a windows8 tablet at the patient’s bed side.The windows8 tablet, which comes with the custom build windows8 apps, allow the hospital’s patients to seamlessly communicate with his care team to access his health information on the facility’s health portal.

Nerving Mobility and Aesculapius Productivity:
Health workers require mobile environment to transit between caring patients and providing facilities and that can be achieved only by mobility. And productivity they are experiencing should be same regardless of the technology and device they are using. Technology should be so innovative that health system can improve Aesculapius productivity, patient safety and team performance.

Leveraging the Cloud:
Hospital systems are started using cloud technology so that connection among disparate points of care
and low cost of infrastructure can be achieved. Both are especially vital in an era of merger and acquisition.
I have no doubt, as we move forward; the swatch shift will keep innovative evolvement on.


Siddharth Narayan
IIIT Allahabad