There are always students in every class who are not able to get everything by professor. Thus they have some doubts and yet they are hesitated to ask their doubts during lecture. The scientists of SPAIN’S LA UNIVERSIDAD CARLOS III DE MADRID are trying to overcome this situation so that the students can understand their doubts easily. The scientists are developing a set of glasses named as AR Glasses (Augmented Reality) which will tell the professors who has understood the lecture and who has any doubt while student does not have to say about it verbally.

The students have to use their smartphones and with the help of an application they can send some symbols to the professor. These symbols show the response of the students on the lecture. If the lecture was not fully understandable to a student and he has some doubt then he can send question mark (“?”) to professor and if the lecture was fully understandable then the student can send any other symbol like “-“.
The professor can see the results with the help of a set of glasses. He will be able to see question mark (“?”) on the head of that particular student who has sent question mark (“?”) as a response to the professor. Thus the professor would see every response at the head of students.
These glasses have a bright future not only the field of the education but also in can be used for military as well as structural engineering purposes. Recently Google has also announced the launch of Google Glasses which are based on the same technology.

Mrigendra Pratap Singh Shishodia