Effervescence, as we call it, returned with a bang!! Five days of immense fun, frolic and festivity, The annual cultural-technical-management festival of Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad, lived up to the expectations of all those present here.

Some very informative and important workshops were held during the initial days of the Effervescence on various Technical yet buzzing topics of Android, Ethical hacking and robotics.(22nd-23rd October).
As for the events, while Confondere dealt with showing how well you are in writing a program, the Segmentation Fault tested the actual knowledge of coding. The event dealt with challenging the top coders to debug the errors in the given program.
Stegolica was the event to test your skills on how good are you in hiding your valuable information, how well can you protect your valuable data and how good are you in over smarting the people who are constantly behaving as a watchdog at your data.
Another very interesting event was the “Coldfire” event,where the event was held online,testing the participant’s hacking techniques.
On the next day,24th October , Al-Khwarizm (the annual Online Programming contest) which is quite different from the other online coding contests. This event is an International level coding contest. Konqueror was the online treasure hunt game where you are allowed to surf the internet and look for the lost treasure. It sure was one amazing experience.
Famous poets like Mahendra Sharma, Pawan Dixit, Deepak Saini and Arjun Sisodia, who have a record of making the audience laugh , presented poems in the event “IRSHAAD”( Kavi-Sammelan.)
In The DJ Night programme, music band Sunburn performed at the institute on 25th October. This band has given several hits including ‘House Music’, ‘Death Metal’, ‘Synthpunk’, ‘New Wave’, ‘Soft Rock’ and ‘Madchester’ and made sure that everyone was left dancing to their beats!
The concluding day of the techno-cultural festival Effervescence at Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad (IIIT-A) on Sunday, began with the prize distribution ceremony. Director, IIIT-A, M.D. Tiwari gave away the prizes.
Around 23 teams from institutions such as MNNIT Allahabad, Allahabad University, IIT-BHU and the home teams took part. Winners of the quiz event were: First -Anand Kumar Kotriwal, Agrim Khanna ,Prakul Agarwal from IIIT-A; Second – Deepak Kumar Singh, Mahendra Mohan Das, Rohan Kulkarni from IIT-BHU; and Third – Arshad Ahmed, Saroj Kumar Giri, Shishir Kumar Sarkar from IIIT-A.
Nitesh Kumar Verma and Ankit Kumar, both from IIIT-A, won the first prize in the Antakshari event conducted by the Music Club whereas Priyanka Singh and Nishita Rai were the runners up. Saurabh Chaturvedi conducted the event.
Dramatics event “Double-Trouble” which aimed at checking the compatibility quotient of pairs was held at the Admin auditorium and was presided over by Drama Club president Ankur Shukla.
AI-Pod, one of the main technical events held on Sunday offered a captivating display of perfect blend of robotics and artificial intelligence wherein the contestants were required to design baby robots
To add to the fun, informal events like Tug of War, Double Trouble, Harry Potter trivia, Collage making and Silver Screen and Many more were also held during the fest.
Ad-Mania, a management event based on advertisements witnessed participation of 30 students from different institutions like MONIRBA- Allahabad University, IIIT Gwalior, IIIT-A, etc. The event comprised of two rounds. The preliminary round consisted of tag lines to be identified by the participants. The final was an enactment by the participants on the given products assigned to them randomly. The winner was Team Scorpions of MBA-IT from IIIT-A and runner up was Al-fatch of MSCLIS from IIIT-A.
“Incendiary” the Saturday night where whole stadium full of audience was lost in the world of hardcore rock music witnessed huge participation of different bands from different colleges which included the famous “Fumadore” and “Paramit” of IIIT-A, “Rock Confusion” of MNNIT and other bands like Rage, High Frequency and many more.
The most awaited event of the fest, The Celebrity Night, featured the Pakistani band “RAETH”, known for its hit numbers like “Bhula Do” and “Waada”, mesmerized the young crowd with their energetic and soulful performances on various songs. They left an everlasting impact in the hearts of all those present.