October - December 2006 Vol 2 Issue 11

Campus Buzz

Annual Cultural cum Techno-Management Fest 'Effervescence MMVI' held at IIITA

The carnival of creativity, talent and ingenuity-Effervescence '06 was held at IIIT-A from 25th October to 29th October 2006. The 5-day affaire embodied the spirit of the student fraternity with a plethora of events ranging from hard-core programming, gaming and management contests, to dramatics, fashion shows, and obviously the most acclaimed Celebrity Night that witnessed popular Indipop bands ‘ Bandish' and ‘Abbey'. Students from various parts and institutions of the country descended at the IIIT-A campus to participate in a variety of events. The three management events-Solutte: The Business Strategy Contest, Ad-Mania: The Advertising Contest and Plannum: The Business Plan Contest witnessed a saga of mind, mettle and creativity.

Exams Season

The time of the year when the students are tested for their knowledge and competence is marked with the arrival of the exams beginning 26th November. The inherent tension and anxiety is already apparent with everyone drowned deep into books- some of them still searching for relevant notes and rounding up the teachers' cabins to escape the last minute jitters. An interesting period indeed, for all the IIITians and the faculty who look forward to scrutinize the performance of all the students and how well their efforts paid off.

First Home Coming (Reunion Meet) Festival

The First Home Coming (Reunion Meet) Festival was organized during Oct 27-28, 2006 .The festival saw a host of alumni from various courses B tech, M tech, MBA, Msclis thronging the campus after a long time. It was indeed a time of great emotions when friends reunited to relive the memories of the wonderful time spent in the institute. Various ways to reunite the alumni from various parts of the world were discussed in the meeting held at the union. The festival also witnessed the formation of the Alumni Council and launching of the Institute’s Alumni website on the occasion.