APR-JUN 2007 Vol 3 Issue13


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1. Which of these is a 'soft' skill?





2. What does MBO or MBO's stand for?

Management By Objectives

Managing business objectives

Motivation by offerings

Motivation for business opportunities

3. What acronym is useful when delegating a task to someone or agreeing an objective?





4. What psychological methodology does NLP stand for?

Neuro - Link Problem

New Location Philosophy

Neuro - Linguistic Programming

Name Language Philosophy

5. One of the most effective and efficient forms of marketing is abbreviated to the initials WOM; what is it?

Word of mouth

World of marketing

Words of marketing

Wonder of margin

6. Who wrote the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People?

Dr Stephen Covey

Phillip Kotler

Michael Hammer

Thomas Davenport

7. According to the Tannenbaum and Schmidt theory relating to delegation and team development, what must be reduced in order for the team's area of freedom (and growth) to increase?

The conflicts in workforce

The manager's use of authority

The diversification in workforce


8. What is the management technique that is commonly abbreviated to MBWA?

Management By Working Around

Management By Walking About

Management Brand Worth Atmosphere

Management by Work Analysis

9. A lot of the traditional 20th century sales theory and training was influenced by the 1937 book "How to Win Friends and Influence People", who wrote it?

Darren Murphy

Dale Carnegie

Dan Carthy

Daniel Strauss

10.Which visionary management thinker wrote "The Age Of Unreason" and "The Empty Raincoat"?

Geary A Rummler

Charles Handy

James Champy

Henry Fayol



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