JAN-MAR 2007 Vol 3 Issue12


  1. Vice President Dick Cheney used to be CEO of which company ?

-         Texaco

-         Halliburton

-         Exxon

-         BJ Services


  1. You will often find ‘Investment Banker’ engaged in ?

-         Buy and sell companies

-         Write research on companies

-         Work with clients to structure a portfolio for retirement

-         Make stock picks


      3.  Who was the economist that strongly influenced 20th century thought by his    “General Theory of

      Employment, Interest and money” (1936)?

-         John Maynard Keynes

-         Kenneth Galbraith

-         Milton Friedman

-         Joseph Alois Schumpeter


      4.   What does the epoch-making but controversial book “The Bell Curve” deals with?

-         the economic prospects of  capitalism

-         the problem of climatic change

-         the distribution of riches in the U.S.A

-         the distribution of intelligence in society


  1. Who developed the ten stages of corporate life cycle, starting with Courtship and       Infancy and ending in Bureaucracy and Death?

-         Dr Ichak Adizes

    -         Maslow

-         Peter drucker

-         Henry fyol


  6.   Who developed the 'Equity Theory' of job motivation in the 1960's?

       -      J Stacey Adams

       -      Adams smith

       -      Milton Friedman

       -      Kenneth Galbreith


  7.    Which rock band released an album Beggars Banquet?

            -       Beatles.

            -       Guns n Roses          

            -      The Rolling Stones    (1968)

       -       Linkin Park

  8.   A subordinate has raised a personal issue with you by email which is causing him/her obvious

  distress - what's the best means of communicating from this point?

       -     Email

       -     Phone

       -     Face-to-face

       -     Text, letter


          9.   Which fashion designer introduced the Polo label in 1967?                    

-     Versace

-     DKNY

-     Ralph Lauren

-     Boss


         10.   Mount Vinson Massif is the highest peak in which continent?

-     Europe

-     South America

-     Arctic

-     Antarctica


  11.   Law of cybernetics is also known as :

     -     Law of Information Exchange

     -     Law of Cyber Security

     -     Law of Requisite Variety

     -     Law of Diminishing Return

 12.  Name the author of renowned book “Emotional Intelligence”

     -      Phillip Kotler

     -      Daniel Goleman

     -      Robert Blackwell

     -      Jean Dreze


 13.   What does VAK stand for in the Learning Styles Theory

     -     Voice, Action, Kinematics

     -     Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic

     -     Video, Audio, Knowledge

     -     Virtual Aided Kinematics


       14.  A lot of the traditional 20th century sales theory and training was influenced by the 1937 book 'How to Win Friends and Influence People'; who wrote it?

     -      Dale Carnegie.

-       Daniel Goleman

-       Ansoff  Bullmar

-       Albert Mehrabian


        15.  Concept of “Multiple Intelligence” is given by

-   Howard garner

-   Douglas Mc gorger

-   Albert Mehrabian

-   Jean Dreze



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