1. What is Britain's best-loved high street shop?

(A) WH Smith
(B) Marks & Spencer
(C) Littlewoods
(D) Dixons

2. Which brand of personal computers was voted "most hated"?

(A) Packard Bell
(B) Tiny
(C) Dell
(D) Apple

3. Samsung is the most loved mobile handset brand in the UK

(A) True
(B) False

4. When asked to rate mobile phone networks, which network was voted "most hated"?

(A) 3
(B) Virgin
(C) O2
(D) Vodafone

5. The four most "loved" online shopping brands are listed below. Can you place them in their order of consumer preference, with the "most loved" at the top? Choice Correct Order

(B) Amazon
(C) eBay
(D) Argos

6. Which of the following fashion retail brands was named in the list of the five "most hated" brands in the UK?

(A) Topshop
(B) French Connection
(C) Marks and Spencer
(D) Next

7. Which ONE of the following brands was voted "most loved" in its category?

(A) QVC (Tv channels)
(B) Dyson (home appliances)
(C) Fiat (cars)
(D) Airtours (holiday operators)

8. Which football club was voted as BOTH the "most loved" and the "most hated" amongst British clubs?

(A) Newcastle United
(B) Wigan Athletic
(C) Manchester United
(D) Liverpool

9. Which brand came top of the poll for "most hated airline"?

(A) British Airways
(B) Virgin Atlantic
(C) Ryanair
(D) Emirates

10. Which brand achieved the highest "love rating" of any in the survey?

(A) Nokia (mobile handsets)
(B) Google (search engines)
(C) BBC One (TV channels)
(D) Daily Mail (daily newspapers)


1 Marks & Spencer

2 Tiny

3 False Nokia is top

4 3

5 Choice Correct Order 3
Amazon 2
eBay 1
Argos 4

6 French Connection

7 Dyson (home appliances)

8 Manchester United

9 Ryanair

10 Google (search engines)

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