It gives us great pleasure to present before you the 10th edition of our e-magazine. It’s the time in IIITA when the campus is again chirpy, buzzing and full of energy with all the new spirits i.e. freshers, exploring the Institute. This issue is dedicated to the new spirits of IIITA who have been instrumental in bringing out this issue to you.

The issue comprises of a range of articles, talking about the state Indian IT industry to stress management tips. Volteface as always offers you an inquisitive topic for discussion that will compel you to think beyond your boundaries and solution to the previous topic. The Brainwave section talks about the Indian Software Industry and the ‘IT value chain’ written by Mr. Rahul Budhwar, FMS-Delhi. Insight section in this issue deals with Security & Trusts in Electronic Payments by Dr. Ashutosh Saxena, Associate Professor, IDRBT-Hyderabad.

As this issue is dedicated to the freshers, therefore, most of the sections comprise of their work and views. Sections like Perspectives, Technova and X’pressions are all from their side. These sections consist of articles like Stress Management through Meditation by Vijay K. Chandra giving you various tips on stress management, Brand Importance by Kosu Dilip describing the various aspects management, Business & Game by Achal Kumar Prasad giving details of Game Theory and its importance in today’s business scenario.

In Technova section this time, we have an article that deals with a revolutionary technique of electricity generation, Generating Electricity from a Speed Breaker by Sandeep Bhargava and another article on the Magic of PHI by Garima Mahajan.

Besides these articles the magazine has other articles as well, including the humorous ones in Jest Corner and testing your wits is the Business Quiz. We are proud to say today that, the magazine enjoys a large readership, and this is because of you people. B-cognizance is your magazine, so any suggestions or feedbacks are always welcome. You can mail them at b_cognizance@mba.iiita.ac.in.

Editorial Team

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