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In yet another effort to savour you with invaluable information, the B’Cognizance team has come up with this issue of the online magazine. From technology to management, from marketing to finance, from branding to quizzing; we have it all bundled up here.


ISSUE Highlights:


‘Power-up your organization for maximum retention” by Dr. Devashish Bose of the ICFAI business school, Lucknow.

Insight: (in continuation from previous issue)

Institutions of Higher Education, IT and KM by Dr Asheesh Kumaar, Deputy Registrar IIIT-Allahabad;

Capital Formation by Dr Gyanendra B. S. Johri, Lecturer, School of Management Sciences, Varanasi

Modern Mall Retailing by Prof. S. Goswami, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida


In addition get an insight into BASEL-II norms & Risk Management as well as know the intricacies of Software Licensing in a comprehensive description by MSCLIS students of IIIT-Allahabad. Visit the Campus Buzz to get update on latest happenings at the institute and if that’s not enough quiz your knowledge with our B’Accumen section. Limelight gives an brief of the news makers in recent past and ThinkIT will take you through the most trendy and newest gadgets on the block.

Thank you all for making this issue complete with your perceptive contributions. As this is my last issue as the editor & co-ordinator of this magazine, before I hand over to the new team just a few words. For my team, thank you all for your continuing help & support throughout endeavour over the past year & so. For the new team, all the best!


“Every End is a new beginning”

-Neha Gupta

Editor & Student Co-ordinator



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Volume-4 Issue-21