“Everyone here has the sense that right now is one of those moments when we are influencing the future. .”                                                                                                         -Steve Jobs-

Dear Readers,
       It is, indeed, our pleasure to announce that November 2014 issue (10th Anniversary Issue) of B-Cognizance, an E-magazine of MBA-IT Division, has come up with a variety of articles under different sections. This latest issue has been enriched with useful links, under new section “Useful Resources”, which might be of help to students in different ways

        The current issue is continued with all existing sections of the previous issue, like two rolling (will be updated regularly) sections, the “Notice Board” and “Opportunities” informing about latest notifications and other important activity updates to be held in our institute and other academic institutions; sharing updates and information about career, internship, research and other career related opportunities which may be useful to the IIITA students.

        In the current issue, business section “Biz-Wiz” is having discussion over Corporate Social Responsibility etc. Business quiz section “B-Accumen” will give you a platform to test and update your business awareness. Knowledge is best protection. Hence our “I-secure” and “I-Wiz” sections are updating your knowledge with all current security threats, cyber-crime and the ways to tackle it. The section ‘vulnerabilities in IT’ covers the articles discussing about latest vulnerabilities in IT sector and remedies to tackle them. “Tech-hive” updates your knowledge about new technological advancement in various fields. “Vibes” will endeavor to sensitize you on various socio-economic issues. “Campus Pulse” will inform you about latest events took place at IIITA Campus. At last but not least our exclusive literary section “Abhivyaki” is coming with poems and articles to awake your emotions.

        This issue is continued to be linked with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, as it is intended to have regular Social interactions.

        So Finally, We take this opportunity to wish our valuable readers happy reading and would like to invite everyone to submit your articles and views to the forthcoming issues.

Dr. Vijaishri Tiwari - Dr. Madhvendra Misra


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