Yoga the union between mind and body is currently a rage in the whole world. Due to globalization, stressful situations happen to remain the same for the office goers, students and housewives, even in our own country. In USA around 75% clubs offer yoga & meditation classes to alleviate stress. Everybody in the whole world is talking about the stress as it keeps on increasing & creeping even in our personnel relations ,but nobody knows exactly what it is & from where this stress come from……………………………………………………………………………………. Stress basically is the feeling of imbalance between our body and the brain; it keeps on increasing as everybody in this cut throat competition age needs more and more money & recognition. People want to buy every thing & anything from this money, even the peace and love and this is the main cause which increases the stress.

Within each of us lies the piece, the beauty, the potential the glory of our being. We cannot seek these outside, as the ocean of all these entities lies in ourselves only and we have to reach for it within ourselves. We cannot know the meaning of our life until we are connected to the power that created us. To attain the peace within, it is necessary to meditate. Meditation is the word through which people start thinking like becoming secluded from normal life or become a sage and perform rituals etc. But meditation is not an escape from the world. Meditation is living the life to its fullest in the social setup in total harmony with all of existence. Meditation is, being one with the collective energy that permeates the universe ,the same energy that some philosophers call the “ collective consciousness” and that others call “the god”

All the ancient spirituality systems of the world like Hinduism ,Christianity ,Buddhism ,Zen etc. have spoken of meditation and people who follow these system and meditate, claim that whatever method is used , true meditation begins when a certain mechanism is activated in the human system. The process involves the awakening of a subtle energy which ascends the spinal column and flows out of a subtle centre located at the fontanel bone on the top of the head. This is the actual mechanism by which meditation begins whether it occurs in a Zen master or in a Hindu yogi the mechanism remains the same. Every day we see seeds sprouting, flowers blooming, fruits ripening, but we don’t strive to know how it happens. There is a power which reforms this magic; it is the all prevailing power of Divine Love. Now the time has come to feel this power through the instrument within us. This instrument is useless unless it is connected to the mains. We don’t know our potential , our beauty ,but once this connection with the main established , we will be surprised at the dynamic results . At the outset we have to understand that this connection is not mental. Through religion this connection cannot be made because religion also is a mental process. However, human awareness can be developed to a higher dimension through “sahaja yoga” a unique process but not the mental projection. It is a becoming. This is the last step in our evolution

, which has to manifest through our central nervous system. ”Sahaja” means “spontaneous” and it also means born within each human being. It is the Maha yoga –the Ultimate yoga that is occurring at the culmination of human evolution. It is based on the principle that enlightenment and good health requires proper balance between the seven chakras or the plexus (in the scientific language) and the three Nadies or (the left, right & the central nervous system) of our body. This is achieved through awakening of the “KUNDALINI” Which initiates free flow of the life force with in our body.

Numerous practitioners of “SAHAJA YOGA THE MEDITATION” are benefited immensely through:
· Reduction in stress.
· Increase in IQ (intelligence quotient) and EQ(emotional quotient)
· Acquisition of SQ(spiritual quotient)
· Vibratory awareness.
· Knowledge about status of chakras of self and others.
· Balance in the personality traits.
· Free flow of life force.
· Balance of seven hubs or energy centers.
· Live life to full size with great enthusiasm.
· Attainment of healthy body &brain like free from every disease.

Vijay k Chandra
(Sahaja yoga practitioner)


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