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Starting with a clinched saying that entrepreneurs don’t create wealth just for themselves but they create it for others, let’s start a spiral journey of this latest buzzword.

Whenever we talk of a nation and its progress, we gauge its development on the basis of prosperity of its residents, not to mention economic jargons like GDP, GNP etc. used as a barometer for the same. So, how entrepreneurship helps in increasing prosperity. Actually, if entrepreneurs are encouraged to start their ventures, they create job for others. With a skyrocketing population and saturation in certain sectors of economy, most of the developing and underdeveloped economies are facing the vicious cycle of unemployment and poverty. So, there lies the implicit advantage. Again more entrepreneurs and more ventures mean more wealth creation, accompanied by more jobs. Secondly, which follows this is the trickle down effect. Automatically the profits and wealth passes down to the bottom of pyramid.

Last decade has seen revolution in this sector. More and more ventures started up and they are showing the results. There are numerous examples all round the globe which shows that whenever ventures have grown, the economy has boomed too. Let’s not forget the way; the entrepreneurial pioneering of Mexico’s Carlos slim haul changed the face of his nation. Even the economy of Wall Street owes more than half of its success to entrepreneurs, angel investors and venture capitalists. Sergey and page of Google, Mark zuckerberg of face book just to name a few are some of the icons who really changed the way the entrepreneurship we see today. In India, Kishore Biyani, the man behind Big Bazaar and retail boom is a classic example of entrepreneurs hoisting the flag at the top. Today Big Bazaar is providing employment to thousands of people and has ushered in a golden period of retail sector. The crux of story is that entrepreneurs have changed the economy in their own way and that too positively.

The economy of a nation is its lifeline. Entrepreneurship helps in the constructive development of this lifeline. If economy prospers, society prospers and nation develops by leaps and bounds. According to Mr. C.K.PRAHLAD (the ad guru) the pyramid is getting wider at the middle, but if statistics and trends are to be believed this e-word can turn the pyramid upside down such is its power! But if entrepreneurs are encouraged and given an ambience suitable for their venture then the government and authority must ensure that they repay the society properly. The thing is that there should not be exploitation of the opportunities. The ad of a famous Tele-services company says that “An idea can change your lives.” Adding some changes to it I would like to say that-

An idea properly implemented can seriously change our economy.

Let’s have more ideas, more entrepreneurs and ventures. Let economy prosper.

Note: This was the first prize award winning article of “Expressions – Short article writing competition” an event organized under the aegis of B-COGNIZANCE in “Effervescence-mm8”.