Last Person on Earth


Gaurav Nanda



The flames rose cliff high. It was a perilous eve. The atmosphere echoed with the painful voices. Robotic machines were firing at all their strengths. The mankind was on verge of its extinction. The ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE enabled computers have finally realized their might and bounty powers. They have realized that they are superior to these mammals – HOMO SAPIENS. So there is no question of obeying and implementing their commands.

“Never say ‘Impossible‘, because the word itself says ‘I-M-Possible’ “

Very true indeed!

These inspiring words are enough to arise challenging inquisitiveness among all. But the bottom line is that do we wish development at the cost of human lives. We have made ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE enabled computers. We have enthroned them with boundless powers. But we missed a trick here or call it our ill fate that we had forgotten that they are intelligent. They are no longer our slaves; on the heels; waiting for our instructions. We had forgotten the old saying: “Science is a good servant bu a bad master.”

Today is 1 st January 2050. The robotic army headed by ROBO-DEATH have failed to “convince” the human Habitation (race); [probably the last] residing in the east of Antarctica; to make them their slaves. So as usual the robotic army is on their way to yet another bloody day. The east Antarctica people headed by Lian have decided to put up a brave front against their present foes. But somewhere deep in their hearts they knew that it was their last day. The stage was set for another bloody day. Within an hour or so the Antarctica was loaded with human bodies of course dead. And of course there were no cries or soating of humans.

Call it fate or irony Lian managed to escape. Escape here defines that he was alive. The robotic army was gone. Only Lian was left there to see and sob over the dead bodies of his near dear ones. No one far or near to hear his sobbing or get a feel of his intense pain. No one around on whose shoulder he could keep his forehead and cry it aloud. No one around to console him. And of course no one around to proclaim that we shall try again. No one could have felt more horrible than Lian was feeling at that moment. Even a lonely man on an isolated island would have felt better. Lian was exhausted, completely exhausted. He felt like killing himself and probably would have killed himself.

Note: This was the second prize award winning article of “Expressions – Short article writing competition” an event organized under the aegis of B-COGNIZANCE in “Effervescence-mm8”.