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Volume I Issue II
January-February 2005
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Life Style and Health by Dr Arpita Khare: The evolution of markets has been to a great extent, responsible in bringing about a change in the lifestyle of the community as a whole.
How could the fairness soaps segment be made more relevant? B. R. Rejoy Kurup, PGP Student, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad

Buzz Marketing: Is it the 'Right' way: Manasi Bansal
Batch 2004-06
Indian Institute of Management Lucknow

Global Branding: What makes brand truly global: Aishwarya Natarajan,
Post-Graduate Programme in Management ,
Amity Business School, Noida.

Learning to Ask IT the Right Questions: Amritpal Singh
Fulltime Graduate Student
MBA Program
Barney School of Business
University Of Hartford, USA

Economic Growth : A Compilation of thoughts and works of Joel Mokyr (The Lever of Riches), Paul M. Romer (Theory, History, and the Origins of Modern Economic Growth), Robert Solow, Adam Smith and Joseph Schumpeter by Sumil Krishna Sharma, MBA, IIITA

Unravelling the Phenomenon called Gandhi: Ashutosh Kumar
PGD in Cyber Law and Security

Business Intelligence: The Enterprise Success Mantra by Jayant Sahu, MBA - IT, IIIT- Allahabad
Liberation by Mayank Garg B. Tech (6th Semester) IIIT Allahabad

Information Technology: How it can be helpful in the case of Natural Disaster by Vijay Kr. Chaurasiya
Faculty Member
IIIT- Allahabad

Human Rights Transcend Computer Rights by By Bhaskar Gupta
B. Tech. IIIT - Allahabad



Launched with the vision of serving as an information disseminator on internet, the inaugural issue of Bícognizance has been a great success. Aiming to reach a wider range of readers comprising of faculty, students and corporate world, the first edition got a positive response from all cadres. Valuable inputs, feedbacks and critics have helped our team to redefine the structure and improve the overall outlook of the e-magazine. In addition to the business perspective, with this edition we are introducing a technical section for the tech savvies to be in touch with the latest updates in Information Technology.

 This issue of BíCognizance brings in articles of various flavors varying from Information Technology, Management to critical aspects of business and marketing. Emphasis has been laid upon issues of Software Patents, Sensor Networks and Consumer Behavior. Open source software is the buzz word today and an article on it covers the ethical and lawful aspects of OSS and its future opportunities. Another article on Buzz marketing elaborates the topic and states a viewpoint on its viability and feasibility in the market.  

 Article on global marketing emphasizes that for a brand to be successful globally, it has to click across all generations and global markets.  Business Intelligence is the process of transforming the raw data companies collect from their various operations into usable information and an article on this issue describes a typical business intelligence cycle and its various stages. Besides all this issues, the magazine has in store  a mixed bag of thought provoking articles.

Learning is a never ending process and we at IIIT-Allahabad strive to learn constantly. We will be looking forward for the valuable suggestions and feedback to make our e-magazine better. BíCognizance is your voice, your intellect, your expression, your feelings...the list seems endless. It is the bottom line... the essence of your thought. The best part is, itís yours! So make the most of it. Shake that scholar in you, out of the long slumber it has  been in. Welcome the vigor; welcome the revolution!!!

Editorial Team




Software Patent :

Prof. Anurag K. Agarwal
LL.M. (Harvard), LL.D. (Lucknow)
Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad


Open Source Software & Intellectual Property Rights:

Yatindra Singh

Judge Allahabad High Court, Allahabad


The roaring battle between open Vs proprietary software
is between Windows Vs Linux.

Views-in-Favour and Counter-Views on this conflagrant battle are solicited. Your views should reach us at b_cognizance@iiita.ac.in latest by March 30'2005


MBA defeated B.Tech 6th Semester in the ongoing cricket series final. Ashish Nasa from MBA was given the Man of the Series award.

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