JUL-SEP 2007 Vol 3 Issue14




           The title above doesn’t refer to any special dish; instead it refers to the new clause that India’s No. 1 IT company has announced recently. Yes it refers to ‘INFOSYS’. 

            INFOSYS, a big name in IT industry, is known for its mass recruitment, high quality training & many more things… Many people call it their DREAM COMPANY.

            The question to be thought is ‘Why would a company as big as Infy create a clause like this. The clause states that – ‘Every employee has to sign a non-compete agreement letter saying they will not join any customer or competitor for a period of six months after their job termination at Infosys. Also the employees cannot accept a job offer from its clients (which they have serviced in the last 12 months) for a period of six months.’ 

             Now this clause leads to think to several questions. First, why would Infy create a clause such as this…? And secondly, does it mean that Infy is scared of its competitors (other major IT companies). Instead this clause might not do well to any Infosys employee. Atleast It doesn’t seem to be happening to many.  

            There isn’t much an answer to any of the questions above asked, but they still feel that there could have been better ways by which Infy could have satisfied its employees & made them stick to the same company. 

            it’s difficult to say that how many people would agree on this but It is still felt that this clause doesn’t make things better for Infy. Instead people might start thinking the other way about Infosys after seeing this clause. 

             That’s why according to me it’s fine to say that… 

HP Intros New Compaq Logo, Range

Hewlett Packard (HP) has announced it's new range of Compaq desktops and notebooks that feature Compaq's all new brand identity, which is futuristic, stylish, and contemporary - in keeping with HP's brand philosophy of 'innovation with elegance'. The new Compaq logo is a C and a Q combined, and also resembles a thought bubble. The logo will be integrated into all future marketing communication.

Sprint, Google in pact for WiMax mobile Web

Sprint's WiMax for high-speed wireless and its services for detecting location will be combined with Google tools including e-mail, chat and other applications.Sprint announced a plan to connect its WiMax high-speed services with those of Clear wire to allow customers to move between their networks. Sprint aims to use the emerging WiMax technology to better compete with rival wireless and wired broadband networks. It plans to test the WiMax service in Chicago, Baltimore and Washington by the end of this year, with a goal of attaining coverage for 100 million people by the end of 2008. WiMax offers Web access speeds that are five times faster than typical wireless networks, though they are still slower than wired broadband.


The last three month witnessed the departure of four senior executive of Deutsche Bank due to power struggle. The departures were rooted in an internal power play involving Bimbhet and Shameek Bhargava, who was in-charge of the bank’s credit cards operations for India, China and Vietnam. Bhargava set things up so that he would not report to Bimbhet, in effect turning the credit cards business into an independent “division” within the retail business. Definitely the simultaneous departure of four senior executives will hurt Deutsche. The bank’s retail foray was launched in late 2005 — its second attempt — amidst much fanfare with Sunil Gavaskar and Sania Mirza as brand ambassadors. But the results have been mixed.

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