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The"very old lady story"

A very old lady looked herself in the mirror one morning. She saw three remaining hairs on her head, and being a positive soul, she said, "I think I'll braid my hair today." So she braided her three hairs, and she had a great day. Some days later, while looking in the mirror one morning as she was preparing for her day, she saw that she had only two hairs remaining. "Hmm, two hairs... I fancy a centre parting today." She duly parted her two hairs, and as ever, she had a great day.

A week or so later, she saw that she had just one hair left on her head. "One hair huh...," she mused, "I know a pony-tail will be perfect." And again she had a great day.

The next morning she looked in the mirror. She was completely bald.

"Finally bald huh," she said to herself, "How wonderful! Now I won't have to waste time doing my hair any more...

-------- the positive attitude really works, (the story also tells about self-image )

(Adapted from businessball site)