Sameer Gandhi

Gone are the days when honesty, integrity and dignity used to be part and parcel of life. In the contemporary era of technological growth there seems to be an upheaval all around. With dollar bills doing cartwheels even in our dreams, we are chasing a bigger car, a better home, a fancier phone and all the luxuries that money can buy. The mantra today is everything has to be PAISA VASOOL! But unfortunately in this process we are becoming more self-centered and more selfish. Today people’s perception of money is changing as also their views of achieving a better lifestyle while their behavior towards others is becoming progressively worse. But where does the problem lie? It is not just that people work hard for more and more; instead they follow all the routes that lead to the grandeur of wealth, flashing cameras, and mass adulation. In this attempt they trample virtuous truth under their feet. Truth is eclipsed by the influence of corruption and tyranny. The power of money is supreme. Who does not know the scams and scandals of our ministers? But can anyone raise a voice? Perhaps not. But why? Either he is provided with ample money to keep his mouth shut or the criminals hired by politicians threaten him. If you have money, you can control the world. People too are turncoats. Provided with money, they do not hesitate to lie. It hardly matters to them what is right or wrong, what is moral or immoral. History, however, provides us ample examples showing that truth may be eclipsed or obscured for a certain duration, but cannot be obliterated. Jesus Christ was labeled as a rebel and crucified. But the truth Jesus stood for could not be wiped out. With the consolidation of westernization, the question is whether history will repeat itself? SATYAMEVA JAYATE says our national emblem. Will it be able 2 stand its ground? Will glory and grandeur or pomp and show b on the cards or will truth again come back into existence? Question have 2 be answered but for the time being we have 2 WAIT AND WATCH and hope for the best.