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Science Conclave Detail

IIIT Allahabad hosted the Science Conclave (8-12 Dec 2014) – a programme under “Vision 2020” by Government of India for generating and using new knowledge for economic development, and social and scientific progress in a research and innovation-driven culture. Campus witnessed the presence of over 20 eminent scientists and Nobel laureates like Robert Curl, Joseph

Asmita- Annual Track and Field event 2015

“Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.” ‘Asmita- Annual Track and Field event’ the 3 day annual sports meet of IIIT Allahabad became the life of these lines from 13-15 feb 2015. The function started with mashal run and lightining of flame. This was followed by exciting sports events such as team wise march past,

Aparoksha 2015

This year IIIT Allahabad introduced its first TechFest ‘Aparoksha’ which was organized from 20-22 march 2015. It aimed at providing a platform for the innovative and imaginative minds to show their talents in technical fields. There were various events organized from different technological fields such as electronics, networking, coding, robotics, development & design and many