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Compliance Hiccups and Cure

IT, security and compliance officers discuss the issues relating companies these days and what steps organizations can take to reduce potential regulatory compliance risks and security threats. “Failure to meet rules and guidelines set by compliance standards could mean fines, penalties and loss of trust.” Andrew Hodes   IT departments are not only to be

Wake up — it’s time to be aware about Information Technology Act

With the vast expansion of Internet services and their necessities in the digital world, awareness about Internet regulation is must. The great majority of Internet users are not aware that they access a regulated version of World Wide Web where doing something to anything may result to a very dangerous transgression for the future. A

Bring Your Own Cloud

“Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) has been popular for quite some time now. It is driven mainly by workers desire to use their own devices like phones, tablets, laptops etc. This practice has got its own benefits like flexibility, round the clock access to data, higher productivity and lesser dependency on central IT Hub. But,

Information insecurity due to data leakage by Chinese smart phone companies

Smart phones have become a necessity of one’s life. Now a days more than a trend or symbol of aristocracy they have become a need. A customer wants a smart phone with a reasonable price and high end features. Most of the companies have emerged with brilliant marketing strategies but Chinese smartphones seems to be