The prognosis can be changed. It’s about the future of us, Indians. We must get enthralled about the present situation and do something about it. The situation mentioned is terrorism and about the torch bearers or cornerstone of it. These forces are rising unabated and curtailing the rights of ours. The terror spread by these particular religious community is an open secret. No one is unaware of their modus operandi in achieving their gory motives. 9/11 in U.S. & 26/11 Taj attack and the Pune bomb blasts, still speak of the aims they want to achieve .Other menaces and actions done by them are also partly not made public by the powerful media and the people behind it.

The Amarnath Shrine Board issue and the final answer to that just want is known to everybody. In this democratic and republic country where every religion finds a place, it is still dominated and occupied by Hindus, but such incidents of such big scale speak the other side of the picture. We in our country are not even able to find a little space for us. These forces are accruing and the time is not far when they will have the lion’s share in everything they want. The situation is still not immutable and some audacious steps can still mitigate the situation. A solemn assurance will have to be granted by every youth of our group to prove a deterrent .One can contribute in any other way towards this cause. We must not squander our energy but we should contribute in one way or the other. As the days are passing on, we are becoming more and more inept and pressed and simultaneously they are becoming our nemesis. So, let’s stop this ongoing process and turn the tables and show them that we too have something in us. We need astute and prudent personalities especially youth to carry out this process.

RSS (Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh) is one such organization which provides a platform to us to work in the required direction.VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishad) & ABVP are two amongst many of its branches of this silent organization which is working in background since many years against the ugly forces. Its action and modus operandi is very simple but has been in much negative in media. This again is media’s concocted views for it. It’s not so intricate policies and deeds are not imbibed by all. 1992 Kar Seva and many more activities are some of its events which shows that though silent, we can show our concern and power when water rises above the danger level. RSS is a self organism in which individuals meet in a day once or twice and just assemble to play few indigenous games and discuss on few regional or national matters. The working of this organization is in much contrast to one which is practiced by the other mentioned terrorist groups. There, even in places of worship, a feeling of hatred and terrorism is injected or installed by the religious leaders. Forget about the special camps where handling and use of arms and ammunition is taught in open air. They are filled with the thought of dislike and religion which outbursts in many forms and this action of theirs brings no reaction as they don’t react in anyway.

So, all and sundry should wake up and do something for ourselves and our religion. Joining the process or passing the ordeal can only prove us.

Bhartrihari Pandiya