THINK THINK THINK- Six Thinking Hats

Rule number one- NEVER LOSE MONEY


The basics of doing business depends upon such words. Many companies do some role playing activities within the organisation to find the loop hole, the point from where they are losing the money. One such exercise is 6 thinking hats in which we get to know information, feelings, innovation, creativity, goal, objective, conservatism etc. so many feelings and emotions just at the cost of hats, the answers are immediate and hence rich in context and honest. The most crude form of information is always helpful, people can’t hide there instincts and hence give away the natural desires. Now what are these 6 hats and what they represent:

White Hat thinking

The data at hand , information or statistics viable or visible to everyone. Something which is not hidden.Which can be proved with facts and figures.

Red Hat thinking

You may be right but I don’t like you and hence I don’t like your opinion also. Prejudices, feelings, the first thoughts, instincts. People with experience generally tend towards red hat because over the course and period of time they have well crafted this part.

Black Hat thinking

What if we fail, what if the situation is not ideal, this may sound negative but actually its not. Black hat is the mostly used hat, it shows us the negative aspects of our decision and hence mostly valued. What cautions must be taken, what system or policy must be used etc such issues are covered in this part.

Yellow Hat thinking

We will pass with flying colors , there is no one better than us in this field, we will create the state of the art system. The words of enthusiasm , encouragement, filled with joy and positive responses.
Green Hat thinking

Be different, the idea of the education is not to teach but to create imagination, think different, think beyond your scope think something not possible, think something vague, wild anything but give a try . Just think

Blue Hat thinking

This is the overview or process control hat. It looks not at the subject itself but at the ‘thinking’ about the subject. ‘Putting on my blue hat, I feel we should do some more green hat thinking at this point.’ In technical terms, the blue hat is concerned with meta-cognition.


Himanshu Singh