Tips for effective Email Marketing

Market Identification

 Email marketing is consider to be the most economical way of creating the first touch among the potential customers ,Its time saving also as bulk impressions can be created using this approach. Before starting this practice the marketer should be clear about their list of potential customers if possible should segment them on the basis of business type ( i.e B2B or B2C), Location, Demographics etc.

 Content Preparation

 A template should be maintained, having all the useful information and eye catching, attractive yet simple and downloadable landing website navigators. It should not be too heavy and descriptive, heavy images, attachments and javascripts should be avoided. Instead map images, rich text and relative hyperlinks should be used. Aweber can be used for the same.

 Data Driven Analysis

 Analysing the trends and potential customer’s preferences, prediction can be made on whom to serve what. Marketer should keep the track of conversion rate, customer life cycle, clicks etc. in exact data clusters format.

 Re-Marketing Practices

 Email marketing runs on 80-20 rule, means only 20% of the loyal customer base handles the 80% profit share of the businesses, So Email should be designed such that it should reflect more care, facilitation and awareness than just selling, Once potential customer becomes customer.

 Subscription Management

 There should be a team to keep the track of all the users want to unsubscribe from the offered services and maintain a feedback mechanism for the same.


 Before launching any campaign it should be tested on different email providers like gmail,yahoo mail,outbox,rediffmail etc , Also on different browsers to check the cross platform compatibility. There is a tool named Litmus that tests and provides screen shots of dozens of different email providers present in market. Mobile compatibility should also be tested as nowadays most the people prefer checking their mail on their smart phones.

 Policy Maintenance

 Content should not be such that it get blocked as a Spam, marketer should be aware about the CAN-SPAM Act. DMARC policy should be taken into account if sending email newsletters from public domains private domains without authentication.

Priyanka Malik
MBA, IIIT Allahabad