Strategic Plan On Revival Of Tea Industry In India with special reference to Assam


The great Mark Twain once said that in India there is no time for tea since all time is for tea only, which certainly was a comment on the lazy behaviour of Indians , doing nothing but drinking tea only. Tea was once considered as a drink of royal clan , tea was especially prepared on special occasions and was considered something special drink. In China today also it’s a custom, then change prevail and tea lost its touch, now it has become a poor man’s drink. If you generally ask for tea some people may just reject that because its below there standard, but this below standard drink has employed more than 20,000 inhabitants of Assam alone. The state which cannot produce anything but tourism and tea. Majority of tea leaves are properly look after due to lack of storing space and logistics. The tea boards are just filling there pockets with the government sanction money. They must synchronize the order of production and must pay a higher wages to labour also


Tea industry is going through its worst phase- environment degradation, land deforestation, herbal tea, green tea, cold drinks, market price fluctuations, no proper cultivation techniques etc.

Revival of the Industry hence should be prime importance to the state government. In its 166 year old history, The Tea Industry of Assam for the first time is going through one of its worst phases. There has been decline in export, stagnation domestic production and marketing in the Indian Tea Industry .price fluctuation, production cost, no exports, old techniques, unskilled labour, unavailability of labour are some of the major concerns in this field.

The industry should be much exposed like gambling industry in USA, the strengths of tea must be projected in such a manner that coffee lovers should go for tea. Weaknesses , threats must be eliminated and state and central government should look over the whole scenario by themselves.


Bhartihari Pandiya
Department of management studies