814.5 million voting population, 8251 candidates and the so called theme “ACHE DIN”. The image of developed India was well depicted by now prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi. But has the picture been delivered right, are the promises come true, does he have a magic wand in his hand ?

As soon as the budget came out the tax payers were happy as the tax slab was reduced . establishing 4 AIIMS is a big step towards better medical treatments. 10,000 crore fund for soft loans was a good scheme. Swachch Bharat abhiyan must be implemented decades ago but no issue. 100 smart cities was a intriguing idea which no one has ever thought of. Though the ideas are big enough but in a country like India where everyone is pulling your leg ideas alone cannot bring down miracle.

The philosophy of minimum government and maximum governance must be shown to others , though we know ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY but it has been built in a week, so in order of that were the promises nothing but a mere mirror to voters that you have been fooled again or Mr. Prime minister can bring the change which he is talking about. Though we can no change can be brought so soon but its been over 8 months and no such significant change is seen. Nothing which Mr. Narendra Modi claims can be seen no Gujrat model in India nothing.

May be its time that he has to show the change he is talking about, may be the time has come for rigorous action plans. High inflation, no jobs , slow down in economy , falling price of rupee should be the main concern of government not the holidays of opponent leader Rahul Gandhi. If you can’t deliver what you promise than you should not comment on others’ failure too. There is been much said about UPA government and there failures but Dr. Manmohan Singh has improved out foreign relations to such extent that all other foreign countries are now eager to invest in India. Creating jobs for local workers. Having a plan on paper and having the same in reality are two different issue and in my opinion the time has come that the theory must be implemented in reality.


Shubhranshu Agarwal