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Super flexible display

Super flexible display:

Super flexible display

After LED & AMOLED now it’s time to have a look on mind blowing innovation in display technology that is super flexible screen .The latest flexible was displayed in Tokyo. It was develop by japans’ semiconductor energy laboratory. This technology is a fantastic piece of technology and also strong and durable, in test it was bend more than ten thousand times without a single damage.

The technology look like a fantasy but now some bended screen products are already in market. Some of the products like Samsung’s Galaxy note edge which was launched in December 2014. LG flex has a similar design, and both firms are pioneering curved television.

LG launches screen which is foldable. For now they have launched 18 inches screen and hoping to expand up to 60 inches displays in future. Plastic logic is developing similar flexible screen technology and unveiled its own paper tablet back in January 2013.


Arti Gupta,

Research Scholar,

MBA- IT Division